21 August 2009

Coaches Across Continents and the Kickabout

The Kickabout is proud to announce a new partnership with Coaches Across Continents. From Lorrie, "We are so proud to partner with Coaches Across Continents as they are one of the most experienced organizations in football for social development in the world. As we seek to highlight their wonderful work done on the ground, I have no doubt the world will embrace their mission as we have and hopefully support the sustainability of their efforts in education through sport."

Winner of the Beyond Sport Prize for Best New Project, Coaches across Continents uses soccer in developing communities as a vehicle for an educational process that creates a new generation of leaders equipped to make considered decisions based upon informed ‘choice’ rather than unexamined tradition.

"We are delighted that Kickabout will be visiting some of our programs in Africa in 2010 and bringing their amazing enthusiasm and ability to use football to educate young people. Lorrie is a wonderful role model for women around the world and her skills and passion for sport and development will impact thousands of people. We are excited to be working with such a great initiative," says Nick Gates, Global Strategist for Coaches Across Continents.

Click here to learn more about Coaches Across Continents

More Kickabout news coming soon...

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